Domino’s vs Papa John’s? Which One is Better (2024)

When I think about the great pizza debate — Domino’s Vs Papa John’s — I often find myself getting lost in a delicious quandary of cheesy toppings and fluffy crusts.

Domino's Vs Papa Johns

Both of these pizza giants have ardent supporters and have carved out distinct niches in the world of fast-food pizza.

For me, the comparison often comes down to the specifics of their offerings: the robustness of their sauces, the quality of ingredients, and the consistency of their delivery services.

Domino’s Vs Papa Johns? Which is the best pizza chain?

While both Domino’s and Papa John’s have their die-hard fans, it’s hard to determine a clear winner between the two.

Both chains offer a wide range of options and have something for everyone.

From classic pepperoni pizzas to unique specialty pies, both Domino’s and Papa John’s have a lot to offer.

Domino’s Pizza: A Delicious and Reliable Option

Domino’s is known for its consistent quality and reliable delivery services. Founded in 1960, it has become one of the biggest pizza chains in the world, with over 17,000 locations worldwide.

But what sets Domino’s apart from other pizza chains, including Pizza Hut, is its commitment to innovation.

In recent years, they have introduced a variety of new menu items, such as the popular Parmesan Bread Bites and Stuffed Cheesy Bread, following a review and taste test feedback.

They have also revamped their pizza recipe after a thorough taste test to create a more flavorful crust and sauce.

And let’s not forget about their innovative ordering system, which allows customers to track their orders in real-time through an app or website.

Papa John: A Pioneer in Fresh Ingredients

Papa John’s is another popular pizza chain that has been around since 1984.

Unlike other chains, they pride themselves on using fresh and high-quality ingredients in their pizzas.

They were the first national pizza chain to offer a completely trans-fat-free menu.

But Papa John’s isn’t just known for its fresh ingredients; it’s also known for its unique and delicious specialty pizzas.

From the Smoky BBQ Chicken to the Spicy Italian, their specialty pies are a hit with customers.

So, which one is better?

As you can see, both Domino’s and Papa John’s have their own strengths and loyal fan bases.

It ultimately comes down to personal preference and what you’re in the mood for.

If you’re looking for a consistently delicious and reliable option, Domino’s might be the way to go.

But if you’re craving fresh ingredients and unique specialty pizzas, then Papa John’s might be the better choice.

In the end, both pizza chains have carved out their place in the fast-food industry and continue to satisfy hungry customers all over the world.

So why not try them both and decide for yourself which one is better?

After all, who can say no to a delicious slice of pizza?

So next time you’re debating between Domino’s and Papa John’s, just remember that, in the grand scheme of things, it’s all about enjoying a great pizza with your loved ones. Cheers!

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Dominos Vs Papa Johns Size

Domino's Vs Papa Johns size

When gauging the size options available from Domino’s and Papa John’s, there’s more to consider than the mere dimensions of the pizza.

Both chains offer small, medium, large, and extra-large sizes to cater to various appetites and group sizes.

Domino’s typically offers a 10-inch small, a 12-inch medium, a 14-inch large, and a 16-inch extra-large, giving customers a wide range of sizes to accommodate different numbers of diners.

Papa John’s, on the other hand, has a slightly different approach to their sizing. Their sizes are similarly tiered, with a small pizza measuring 8 inches, a medium at 12 inches, a large at 14 inches, and an extra-large at 16 inches.

Size comparisons are important for both value and the number of people being served.

On one hand, Domino’s offers a larger small pizza, which may be a better option for individuals or small gatherings.

On the other hand, both Domino’s and Papa John’s, and not to be dismissed, Pizza Hut, offers a similar size for their extra-large pizzas, which are ideal for larger groups.

Domino’s Vs Papa John’s Price: Complete Guide

When it comes to price, both Domino’s and Papa John’s offer similar prices for their pizzas.

A large cheese pizza from either chain typically costs around $12–13, presenting them as relatively cheap and affordable options compared to other fast-food chains.

When it comes to pricing, both Domino’s and Papa John’s have their unique deals and offers that can save you some money.

Domino’s offers a variety of combo deals, where you can get a set number of pizzas and sides for a discounted price. They also have their popular “carryout deal,” where you can get any large pizza with up to 3 toppings for just $7.99 when picking up your order.

Papa John’s, on the other hand, has their “Better Ingredients. Better Pizza.” slogan to uphold and often runs promotions for discounted pizzas and sides throughout the year.

They also have their Papa Rewards program, where you can earn points with each purchase and redeem them for free pizzas and other menu items.

When it comes down to it, the pricing at both chains, as well as Pizza Hut, is fairly similar, making the decision often a matter of taste preference. It all depends on what types of deals and promotions are currently being offered.

So make sure to keep an eye out for those before placing your order!

Company History

Domino’s was founded in 1960 by brothers Tom and James Monaghan in Ypsilanti, Michigan.

They bought a small pizza store called Dominick’s Pizza, which was later renamed as Domino’s, marking the beginning of a story available exclusively to business insider topics.

The company expanded rapidly, and by 1983, it had opened its first international store in Winnipeg, Canada.

On the other hand, Papa John’s was founded in 1984 by John Schnatter in Jeffersonville, Indiana. The company started as a small pizza delivery business but quickly gained popularity for its quality ingredients and “better pizza” slogan.

Papa John’s also has a strong presence in the international market, with over 5,000 stores in more than 45 countries.

Menu Offerings

Both Domino’s and Papa John’s have a wide range of pizza options, including classic flavors like pepperoni and cheese, as well as specialty pizzas such as BBQ chicken and meat lovers.

However, they differ in their crust options – Domino’s offers a variety of crusts, such as hand-tossed and thin crust, while Papa John’s is known for its original hand-tossed crust.

In addition to pizzas, both companies and also Pizza Hut, offer a selection of sides and desserts, catering to a wide taste palette.

Domino’s has popular items like breadsticks and pasta dishes on its menu, while Papa John’s offers unique side options like garlic knots and stuffed cheese sticks.

Ordering and Delivery Comparison

Ordering and Delivery
Feature Domino’s Papa John’s
Online Ordering Yes, through website and app Yes, through website and app
Delivery Availability Yes, available for most locations Yes, available for most locations
Delivery Time Varies by location and demand Varies by location and demand
Delivery Tracking Yes, real-time tracking available Yes, real-time tracking available
Delivery Charges May apply depending on location and order size May apply depending on location and order size

Which brand has more sales? Papa John Vs Domino’s

While sales figures can be constantly changing, Papa John’s leads in terms of overall sales.

As of 2020, Papa John’s global retail sales were over $3 billion, compared to Domino’s $2.5 billion.

It’s worth noting that Domino’s has more locations worldwide and consistently reports higher net income than Papa John’s.

Ultimately, both brands are successful and have a strong presence in the pizza industry.

So whether you prefer Papa John’s or Domino’s, you’re sure to enjoy a delicious slice of pizza either way!

What’s more expensive Papa John’s or Domino’s?

Papa John’s and Domino’s are two major contenders in the pizza delivery category, each with its own unique appeal. In terms of price, many would argue that Papa John’s is more expensive than Domino’s.

Papa John’s Pizza is known for its higher-quality ingredients and culinary offerings, which can sometimes come with a price tag to match.

On the other hand, Domino’s still offers solid pizzas at a lower price point, making it a more budget-friendly option for many consumers.

When it comes to taste, both chains have their own signature flavors. Papa John’s is known for its thick, doughy crust and sweet tomato sauce, while Domino’s leans towards a crispier crust with a bit more kick in its seasoning.

Some may prefer the overwhelming sweetness of Papa John’s, while others might enjoy the perfectly balanced flavors of Domino’s. It all comes down to personal preference.

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In conclusion, the debate over Domino’s vs Papa John’s may never see a definitive winner, as both pizza chains offer unique qualities that appeal to diverse tastes and preferences.

Whether you prioritize innovative ordering systems, fresh ingredients, size variations, or cost-effective deals, both brands consistently strive to serve their customers with quality and value.

As sales figures ebb and flow with the tides of consumer choice, what remains constant is the timeless enjoyment found in a slice of your favorite pizza.

So, the next time the craving hits, whichever you choose, you’re in for a treat.


Which pizza chain has the most locations?

Currently, Domino’s has more locations worldwide than Papa John’s, but Pizza Hut is also a strong competitor in terms of amount of worldwide locations.

Does Domino’s or Papa John’s offer healthier options?

Both chains have made efforts to provide healthier options for customers, with Domino’s offering a completely trans-fat-free menu and Papa John’s emphasizing their “Better Ingredients” slogan.

Can I use rewards or coupons at both chains?

Yes, both Domino’s and Papa John’s, not to forget Pizza Hut, offer delivery options for their pizza orders ensuring your cravings are met without having to leave your home. However, specific terms and conditions may vary.

Which chain is better for large groups?

Both Domino’s and Papa John’s, along with Pizza Hut, offer an extra-large pizza size, making them great options for large groups seeking tasty options. However, it ultimately depends on personal preference and any current deals or promotions being offered.

Do both chains offer delivery?

Yes, both Domino’s and Papa John’s offer delivery options for their pizza orders. However, delivery availability may vary by location, and specific terms may apply.

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