Eye Catching Cake Designs That Demand To Taste Once

As you all know, today’s party, occasion, or any other event is incomplete without a cake. Now, a variety of cakes are sold daily, starting from flavourful cakes, birthday specials, and designer ones. Designer cakes are very eye-catching, and everyone now prefers these cakes to maintain the theme of the party.

There are various designer cakes that not only look fascinating but also have great taste and texture. For instance, you can order a photo cake, princess cake, garden cake, or other cake that can be customized according to your preferences. So, here are the top picks of designer cakes that can be your masterpiece at the party table with new sensations for selfie lovers.

10 Designer Cakes To Celebrate Special Occasions In Style

If your birthday or any other special occasion is coming up in the next few days and you are still confused about which cake to buy and what ingredients are added to those cakes, don’t worry.

In this article, I will give you 10 different cake design ideas to celebrate your and your loved ones’ special days, such as birthdays, anniversaries, or other events.

1] Rose Blossom Designer Cakes

Rose blossom is an amazing and versatile designer cake idea to celebrate moments like anniversaries. Usually, it is pink in color, which makes it look good, and some designer roses on top make this cake yummy.

These cakes are made with a rose-flavored base, layered with rose-frosted whipped cream, topped up with pink or red fondant roses by using petal cutters, and lastly, garnished with tiny flowers, butterflies, and pearls to look more aesthetic.

2] Princes Designer Cake

Princess cakes are most preferred for kids’ birthday parties, mostly girls, as they are very fascinated by dolls and Barbies. These cakes are the perfect option for a pink princess-themed party, and their taste is very mouthwatering.

These cakes are made with a plastic doll on top. Then, chefs make her dress by rolling a large piece of fondant in various colors, such as pink, lavender, or mint, and carefully draping it over the cake.

3] Edible Photo Designer Cakes

A designer cake with a printed photo is the most purchased cake, and that is why it is trending right now. When the photo edible cake came into the market, it was a totally new concept, and that’s why people love these types of cakes. They taste very good, and you can customize them by asking to paste your favorite picture into them.

These cakes are made with edible pictures, which are printed on a special printer and pasted on top of the cake base.

4] Designer Unicorn Cakes

A designer unicorn is the perfect option for the kid’s birthday party as it has a character made using various edible ingredients. These cakes have very eye-catching visuals, and when you eat them, your mouth wil be filled with juicy layers of frosting.

These cakes are made by spreading buttercream frosting all over the layers and then rolling them up with white fondant. Lastly, the unicorn’s horns and ears are made with a cone and a piece of fondant to look amazing.

5] Fondant Number Cakes

Fondant number cakes are very trendy for celebrating birthdays and anniversaries because whatever number you want to be made, you can customize it according to your needs. These cakes are delightful and look outstanding with the digits. Before these cakes, we used to add numbered candles to the cakes, but now we have a fondant number cake, which is great.

The making process of these cakes starts by cutting the base into a number. Then, layers of whipped cream are applied to the cake, which is decorated with various chocolate curls and nuts.

6] Mini Mouse Theme Cakes

A mini mouse or Mickey Mouse is a favorite cartoon character for every kid, and its shapes also look good. To surprise your little one with their favorite cartoon character, you should consider a designer Mickey Mouse to order cake online with faster delivery, great taste, and excellent detailing.

These cakes are made with a soft cake base, and the mini mouse’s details are then made using various colored fondants.

7] Cricket-Themed Cakes

These cricket-themed cakes are a very good option to surprise your friends, families, and kids who are cricket lovers. These cakes can even be used to celebrate the moment when your favorite cricket team wins the match.

These cakes are made with a moist rectangular vanilla base, then brown and red fondant detailing of the bat and ball, which are then rolled out and cut into their shapes. Molded stumps and the cricket pitch are made with white and green fondants, respectively, and assembled on top of the cake to make it realistic.

8] Tiger Face Designer Cakes

Tigers are one such animal that kids love, and to make their birthdays more special, you can surprise them with tiger-face designer cakes. These cakes not only look great and realistic with the detailing but also have a yummy taste that kids will love.

These cakes are made by cutting into the shapes of the tiger’s face using a moist base and then applying a thin layer of buttercream frosting to the cake. Then, with rolled orange and black fondant, the entire cake is covered. Lastly, the realistic features of the tiger are added by creating eyes, ears, nose, and mouth with the fondant.

9] Tom And Jerry Cartoon Cakes

Tom and Jerry are again some of the best cartoon characters, and in a cake, if this character is made, then it will surprise everyone. Not only kids but also you can surprise your friends with this cake to remind them about this cartoon character.

These cakes are made by making the characters of Tom and Jerry with fondant and adding them to the top of the cake.

10] Designer Car Cakes

Most boys and girls like cars, and to celebrate the occasion when you go to buy a car, you can order a car cake to make that occasion more special. These cakes can be customized with different shapes, sizes, and colors of your choice.

These cakes are made by adding the details of the car’s headlights, doors, wheels, and windows using clear fondant and pasting it to the cake to achieve the perfect design and shape.


Finally, I want to wrap up this article by saying designer cakes are the trend now and to surprise your loved ones, it is the best idea to give them a designer cake. It not only looks amazing and fascinating but also has a delicious and mouthwatering taste that you can’t forget. Designer cakes are the best to match the theme of any party or event.

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