How Big Is A 16 Inch Pizza Size? (Must-See!) – 2024

One of the most common questions asked by pizza lovers is how big a 16 inch pizza is.

How Big Is A 16 Inch Pizza Size

Well, it might be surprising to know that the size of a 16-inch pizza varies across different pizzerias and countries.

How Big is a 16-inch Pizza in Centimeters?

A 16-inch pizza measures 40.64 centimeters in diameter, making it quite a sizable meal.

It is perfect for sharing with friends and family or indulging in a delicious treat all by yourself.

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How Many Slices Are in a 16-inch Pizza?

The number of slices in a 16-inch pizza also varies depending on the pizzeria and the style of pizza being served.

How Many Slices Are in a 16-inch Pizza

Generally, a 16-inch pizza is cut into 8 slices, with each slice measuring around 5 inches in width.

However, some establishments may cut their pizzas into fewer or more slices to suit customer preferences.

How Many Slices in a 16-inch Pizza Domino’s

Domino’s typically follows the standard of cutting their 16-inch pizzas into 6 slices. This means that you can expect to receive 6 generously sized slices when ordering a 16-inch pizza from Domino’s.

However, it is always best to check with your specific pizzeria of choice to confirm their slicing practices.

How Does The Size of a 16-inch Pizza Compare to Other Pizza Sizes?

A 16-inch pizza is generally considered a large size and is commonly compared to the popular 14-inch (medium) and 18-inch (extra-large) pizzas.

It is larger than most personal or small-sized pizzas, but smaller than party-sized pizzas.

Pizza Mathematics: Calculating the Area of a 16-Inch Pizza

For those who are curious, the area of a 16-inch pizza can be calculated using simple math. Since pi (π) is approximately equal to 3.14, we can use this value to determine the area of a circle.

The formula for calculating the area of a circle is A = πr^2, where A stands for Area and r stands for radius. In this case, the radius is half of the diameter, which means it is 8 inches (20.32 centimeters).

Plugging the values into our formula, we can calculate that the area of a 16-inch pizza is approximately 201.06 square inches (1296.83 square centimeters).

Now you can impress your friends with some pizza math trivia while enjoying a delicious 16-inch pizza! So go ahead, grab a slice, and enjoy the perfect balance of crust, cheese, and toppings in every bite. Happy Pizza Eating!

804 square inches or 5,165 square centimeters.

Other Factors That Affect the Size of a 16-Inch Pizza

Apart from the varying cutting styles of different pizzerias, other factors can affect the size of a 16-inch pizza. These include:

  • Dough thickness: A thicker crust will result in a smaller overall size of the pizza.
  • Toppings: The more toppings that are added, the thicker and heavier the pizza becomes, thus reducing its overall size.
  • Cooking methods: Some pizzerias may use different cooking methods such as wood-fired ovens, which can slightly affect the final size of the pizza.

Understand how many slices are included with each size

Different pizza sizes come with different numbers of slices. This is due to the varying diameter and slicing preferences of each pizzeria.

Below are some general guidelines on how many slices you can expect from popular pizza sizes:

  • Personal (6 inch): 4 slices
  • Small (10 inch): 6 slices
  • Medium (14 inch): 8 slices
  • Large (16 inch): 8 slices
  • Extra-Large (18 inch): 12 slices

As you can see, a 16-inch pizza falls on the larger end of the spectrum and typically comes with 8 slices.

However, it’s always best to check with your specific pizzeria as their cutting styles may vary. Just remember, no matter the number of slices, a 16-inch pizza is sure to satisfy your hunger and taste buds.

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Tips for Ordering a 16-inch Pizza

To ensure that you get the most out of your 16-inch pizza experience, here are some tips to keep in mind when ordering:

Consider the number of people eating

As mentioned earlier, a 16-inch pizza is typically suitable for 2-3 people, so adjust your order accordingly.

Customize your toppings

With a larger pizza, you have the opportunity to try different toppings or customize each half of the pizza to cater to everyone’s preferences.

Ask about crust options

Some pizzerias offer different crust styles such as thin, thick, or stuffed. Don’t be afraid to ask and try something new!

Check for deals and discounts

Many pizzerias offer specials or discounts on larger-sized pizzas, so be sure to check before placing your order.

Enjoy it fresh

A 16-inch pizza is best enjoyed when it’s hot and fresh. If you plan on ordering for delivery, consider reheating the slices in the oven for a few minutes to maintain their crispiness.


In conclusion, understanding how big a 16-inch pizza is can be quite enlightening, especially when you’re planning meals for a group or just craving an ample serving of this universally loved dish.

From my experience, whether you’re having a family dinner, hosting a party, or simply treating yourself, a 16-inch pizza never disappoints.

It offers the perfect blend of size and flavor, ensuring every bite is as satisfying as the last. Remember, the joy of pizza comes not just from its size but from the quality of its ingredients and the love with which it’s made.

A 16-inch pizza, in all its glory, is a testament to the joy and comfort food can bring to any occasion.


How many slices can I expect from a 16-inch pizza?

A 16-inch pizza typically comes with 8 slices, but this may vary depending on the cutting style of each pizzeria.

Is a 16-inch pizza considered large?

Yes, a 16-inch pizza is considered a large size in most pizzerias and is suitable for 2-3 people.

Can I customize the toppings on a 16-inch pizza?

Yes, with its larger size, a 16-inch pizza offers more room for customization and trying different toppings. Just be sure to check with your specific pizzeria for available options.

How should I reheat leftover slices of a 16-inch pizza?

The best way to reheat leftover slices of a 16-inch pizza is by placing them in the oven at 375°F for about 10 minutes. This helps maintain the crispiness of the crust and ensures the toppings are evenly heated.

Can I get deals or discounts on a 16-inch pizza?

Yes, many pizzerias offer specials or discounts on larger-sized pizzas, so be sure to check before placing your order. So go ahead and enjoy a delicious 16-inch pizza without breaking the bank!

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