How Big Is An 18-Inch Pizza? Complete Guide (2024)

When I first pondered the question, “How Big Is An 18 Inch Pizza?” it seemed straightforward. Once I dived into the specifics, I realized there’s more to it than just a number.

How Big Is An 18 Inch Pizza

An 18-inch pizza is quite significant in size, especially when you compare it to the standard options available at most pizza places.

The diameter is 18 inches, which means from one side to the other, it stretches out to 18 inches.

This makes it an ideal option for gatherings or family dinners, where a single pie can satisfy multiple appetites.

How Big Is An 18 Inch Pizza: Compared To Other Sizes

To fully understand the size of an 18-inch pizza, it helps to compare it to other common sizes.

The next size down from 18 inches is a 16-inch pizza, which has a total area of approximately 201 square inches.

This means that an 18-inch pizza has roughly 53 more square inches of pizza compared to its smaller counterpart.

Looking at the dimensions, you may think that an 18-inch pizza is only slightly larger than a 16-inch pizza. However, in reality, it’s significantly bigger.

An 18-inch pizza has approximately 25% more pizza than a 16-inch pizza. That’s a significant difference when it comes to satisfying hungry appetites!

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Why Pizza is so important

Apart from the obvious fact that pizza is delicious, it has a cultural significance that makes it important. Pizza has been a staple food for centuries and is enjoyed all over the world.

Pizza is so popular that there are many variations of it, with each culture adding its unique twist to the dish.

But beyond its cultural significance, pizza brings people together. It’s a food that can be shared and enjoyed with friends and family, making it perfect for gatherings and celebrations.

An 18-inch pizza is the ideal size for this, allowing everyone to have a slice or two while bonding over delicious food.

How Big Is an 18-inch Square Pizza?

Some pizza places offer square pizzas instead of the traditional round ones.

How Big Is an 18-inch Square Pizza

So, how big is an 18-inch square pizza?

The answer is that it has a total area of approximately 324 square inches, making it even bigger than a standard 18-inch round pizza!

This is because the corners of the square pizza add extra space, giving you more delicious pizza to enjoy.

How Many People Can Eat 18-Inch Pizza?

As mentioned before, an 18-inch pizza is suitable for feeding around 4-6 people. However, this can vary depending on individual appetites and the toppings chosen.

If you have a group of big eaters or are ordering heavily topped pizzas, it may only feed 3-4 people.

On the other hand, if you have lighter eaters or are only getting basic toppings, it may be enough to satisfy 6-8 people.

Regardless of the exact number, an 18-inch pizza is a great option for feeding a small group and ensuring everyone gets their fill of delicious pizza.

So, next time you’re having a get-together or family dinner, consider ordering an 18-inch pizza and marvel at its size and ability to bring people together.

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How Many Slices Are in an 18-inch Pizza?

As mentioned before, an 18-inch pizza has a total area of approximately 254 square inches.

This means that it can be cut into a variety of slice configurations depending on the size and shape of each slice.

For example, if you were to cut the pizza into 8 equal slices, each would have an area of approximately 31.75 square inches.

However, the number of slices can vary depending on personal preference and how hungry everyone is feeling.

How Many Calories In an 18-inch Pizza?

Due to its larger size, an 18-inch pizza will likely have more calories than a smaller pizza.

Calories In an 18-inch Pizza

The number of calories in each slice can vary depending on the toppings and type of crust used.

On average, a standard 18-inch pepperoni pizza can range from 2,800 – 3,600 calories. It’s always a good idea to check the nutritional information of your pizza before indulging.

Ultimately, an 18-inch pizza may be bigger than a standard pizza, but it’s all about sharing and enjoying with others.

So, next time you’re ordering pizza for a group, keep in mind just how big an 18-inch pizza is and impress your friends with your knowledge

How big is an 18-inch pizza in inches and centimeters?

An 18-inch pizza is, well, 18 inches in diameter.

But for those who may be more familiar with metric measurements, this equates to approximately 45.7 centimeters.

This size comparison may help when trying to picture just how big an 18-inch pizza is.

18-inch pizza Domino’s

If you’re wondering about the size of an 18-inch pizza from a specific restaurant, such as Domino’s, the answer may be slightly different.

Each pizza chain has its standards for sizing and cutting its pizzas.

For example, at Domino’s, an 18-inch pizza is called a “Brooklyn-style” pizza and has a total area of approximately 254 square inches, just like a standard 18-inch pizza.

However, it may be cut into 6 or 8 slices instead of the traditional 8 or 12 slices.


In conclusion, “How Big Is An 18 Inch Pizza” truly showcases the grandeur of this dining option, suitable for family gatherings, parties, and large group celebrations.

Its size, significantly larger than its counterparts, offers a communal dining experience that brings together friends and family over a shared love for pizza.

Whether opting for a traditional round or a larger square pizza, the 18-inch variation ensures there’s plenty to go around, making it a popular choice for those looking to satisfy hearty appetites.

When you next find yourself pondering the ideal size for your group meal, remember the impressive scale of an 18-inch pizza and how it stands as a testament to the joy of sharing food.


Q: Can I order an 18-inch pizza for delivery?

Yes, many pizza restaurants offer the option to order an 18-inch pizza for delivery. Just make sure to check their menu or call ahead to confirm.

Q: How many toppings can I add to an 18-inch pizza?

This may vary depending on the restaurant, but typically you can add up to 5-6 toppings on an 18-inch pizza before it becomes too crowded and difficult to eat.

Q: How long does it take to bake an 18-inch pizza?

Again, this may vary depending on the restaurant and their cooking methods, but typically an 18-inch pizza will take around 20-25 minutes to bake.

Q: Is an 18-inch pizza suitable for vegetarians/vegans?

Yes, many pizza restaurants offer vegetarian and vegan options for their pizzas, including the larger 18-inch size.

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